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Guestbook entries from November 2006 (3)

    • Charles
    • Portugal
    • 28 November, 2006


    congratulations it's great site all is very well explained and we can easy understand
    perfect work



    • Ben Louw
    • Singapore
    • 28 November, 2006

    I enjoy visiting your site. I bought a pair of LS2a/2s in 1996 and they still give me great listening pleasure.

    • Adam Boardman
    • Buffalo, NY USA
    • 13 November, 2006

    I own what I was told are the last pair of LS8as - and, therefore, probably the last pair of speakers - the "original" Rogers ever made. They're in great shape, I love 'em, and it's good to see through your site that should they ever break, their ought to be in good, if few hands.