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Guestbook entries from March 2006 (8)

    • Kim
    • Waterloo, Canada
    • 30 March, 2006

    Well done!!!!!

    Keep up the good work.


    • Pradeep
    • India
    • 27 March, 2006

    Hi Mark!!

    Your works are nice!!:-) Your photographs of your home were outstanding!! I liked them!! Nice work, you're really creative!!

    I have a Lab too equipped with some good DSO's and soldering stations!!

    Your site was a good uplifter!! It had many basic fundamentals!!

    Can I know when the PIC setion will open up!!

    Have a nice day :-)

    Thanks and Regards,
    Design Engineer

    • Sergio
    • Italy
    • 24 March, 2006

    Hi, your site is class A SITE!!!

    I picked up many information to enjoi my A1 in full rate. Only one thing..... my A1 is 1990 edition with holes in the lateral shield but I have no prolem with the Alps pot. Anyway, I made an upgrade with a motorized alps pot and I added a circuit in order to change the volume with a remote control. The value of the pot is the same and naturally the sound too. I think that the pot on the reaction on the opa is a good solution, maybe not the optimum for the noise :-)). The capacitor are all changed but I have not eard sound improovment. It's true we start from a good start...

    SOMEONE CAN TELL ME IF IT IS DANGEROUS TO CONNECT 4 OHM SPEAKERS (dynaudio audience 52) ON THE A1??? It's a week I'm doing and it seems works good... but a long term???? Thanking in advance.


    • Steve Brown
    • Flintshire Wales
    • 20 March, 2006

    Great site the best i have come across. The audax monitors look superb. A few years ago i entered a competion in HIFI CHOICE to design a speaker it was run in conjunction with CYRUS

    I designed a mini monitor made from birch ply and although
    i did not win I was invited down to cyrus for a tour of the
    factory.Sadly I could not go as i was on holiday.

    Mark how about a revamped jpw mini monitor?


    • Francisco Javier Olvera
    • Puebla, Mexico
    • 16 March, 2006

    Great site! Your Pic tutorial is one of the best explained tutorial I have seen. I am waiting for your applications future section...


    • Derek Rogers
    • London
    • 16 March, 2006

    Hi just a quick comment! It`s 3.25 am and my daughter sent the link to your site.

    I am one of the two sons of Jim Rogers who created the first Beeb loudspeakers and went on to produce his own Jr149`s and many others!

    Just skimmed through quickly but I shall return!

    Are a fan of dad`s amplifiers as well?


    Derek Rogers

    • Darrin
    • Australia
    • 11 March, 2006

    Your site is first-class, as is your design and workmanship, i am totally in awe of your talent.


    • Roland Doucette
    • Gilbert, AZ
    • 11 March, 2006

    I too share your joy of the ultimate sounding and greatest engineered speakers ever owned. I purchased a pair of RSL Studio Monitors from their store in Conoga Park Ca. in the early 80s. The speakers were assembled right in the back of the store. I was sooo impressed when the sales person gave me a tour.

    Anyways, they could be turned up VERY LOUD (like I did on occasions) and they NEVER failed me. The speakers had just recently been unplugged and put in storage, until I figured how to configure them into my garage. BUT alas my wife put them out for a garage sale and asked a whopping 5.00 for them and they were sold....I still cry at night