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Guestbook entries from February 2006 (7)

    • David Payne
    • Clanfield Oxfordshire
    • 20 February, 2006

    I very much enjoyed reading the info on Rogers speakers. I have used a pair of what I think were Ravensbrook bookshelf speakers I bought in 1970 until a few weeks ago when one of the base drivers "went". So a decided to replace them. These had 8 inch base drivers and twin tweeters as way back then if a loudspeaker enclosure had three or more drivers in it was purchase tax free(this loophole did not last long.) They are now retired to our spare room but I can't keep them there too long. If you know anybody who would like them as spares drop me an email. Somewhere I may also have a Ravensbrook amp with one switch button missing probably swallowed by a hungry daughter so beware!

    Cheers David Payne

    • Scott James Bartlett
    • Oxford, UK
    • 22 February, 2006

    Hi Mark,
    I recentley joined a copmuter firm in the workshop. As you can imagine lots of nice toys to play with. Anyway. I had never built or soldered amnything and decided to have ago. 1 year many velleman kits later, I wanted to build an amp for my PC. I used 2 LM3876 IC's from the overture series and it worked first time. Yippee!! The sound impressed as well. I did this without any online info and since looking at the "gainclone" sites I made a very sloppy job <including a very dodgy headphone socket circuit using a relay with 8ohm 50watt power resisters as a dummy load>. So I'm going to try again.
    Your site is the best I've seen and would like to thank you for taking the time to help others.
    I'm thinking of using 2 LM4780's for a power amp, what say you? <remember I'm just a fledgling>

    • Lee
    • Kent
    • 21 February, 2006

    Just been browsing for info on insulating workshop floor and found your site. brilliant ideas and photo's more informative than some books. i will be back for more tips in the future, keep up the good work. Lee

    • Mike Restall
    • South London
    • 17 February, 2006

    Thanks for the tip on turning the cabinet over to test for a sagging bass driver.

    I found a pair of LS7t's abandoned on the street yesterday.

    Dragged them home full of hope only to find one of them popping and clicking away when I hooked them up.
    Dishearted I began to trawl the net for any sign of a replacement. You can guess the rest.....

    Thanks again. They sound lovely!

    • Gunther
    • Belgium
    • 8 February, 2006

    Nice things you have over there, I really want to be able to build those myself too, robably within 10 years or something like that ;). I've also noticed your new family member, cool, he is born on the same day as I am :p

    • Lars Willeboordse
    • The Netherlands
    • 6 February, 2006

    Just wanna congralute you and your wife with your new baby boy.!! he looks gorgeous:)

    Thanks for the site also because i use it all the time as a reference for my own projects

    Kind greetings Lars Willeboordse

    p.s. i would love to see pic-section expand;)

    • Pedro Martins
    • Portugal
    • 3 February, 2006


    You have now a kid to care! I have mine on the way!... Next June he will be with us! That makes more two audio/electronics fanatics!