Welcome to my guestbook, where you can see what previous visitors think about this site and my projects and articles. Many thanks to everyone who has left messages - your feedback really is appreciated!

Guestbook entries from July 2006 (4)

    • Matthew
    • New Zealand
    • 22 July, 2006

    I came accross your site while looking for a pre-amp design. After much browsing and reading, I have to say this is one of the best resources I have ever come accross!

    • Eddie le Roux
    • South Africa a small town called Welkom<
    • 13 July, 2006

    Found your site on Google - this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for a super range of articles and links.

    Keep it up. Well done.

    • Tyrmorr
    • UK
    • 10 July, 2006

    I have had my LS7's since I was a teenager, bought them second hand quite cheap.

    I never really realised what I had till just recently.

    Your site is excellent, well laid out, with a huge mass of useful information.

    • Jonney
    • Northern Ireland
    • 10 July, 2006

    Mark! What can I say? You have excelled yourself, this site is just what I have wanted for about 10 years, since I stupidly sold my pair of ls7's. I haven't fully explored the site yet and am being forcably removed from the computer by the wife, but will return as soon as I can and continue. Thank you!