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Guestbook entries from June 2008 (2)

    • Pak Leng
    • Malaysia
    • 25 June, 2008

    I have the 3rd edition of A1, bought in 2002

    Just change new caps

    Did some modifications, bypass the preamp, but switchable to integrated.

    Something to share with you guys here

    I found A1 power amp sounds superb when using "transformer passive preamp". Amazing detail, clear vocals and tight bass

    Also, tested the modified A1 with DIY Audionote M7 preamp. This is the best combination for A1. Result is deeper bass, sweet vocals & good details.

    • James Hollingsworth
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • 8 June, 2008

    Best practical info I have run across. Microchip could stand to include some of your tutorial in their application guides. I think manufacturers feel compelled to bury useful information in proprietary vocabulary, formal syntax and notation, to impress their competitors. Thanks again.