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Guestbook entries from November 2009 (3)

    • ranjit wimalasena
    • Toronto, Canada
    • 29 November, 2009

    your site is informative and is well presented. i have 2 pairs of rogers, one is a rogers monitor 2 (8 bextrene woofer, a celestion tweeter and a coles super tweeter) and the other has no lables and the covers are impossible to remove to look at the drivers. both are fine speakers and i use the one without lable as my main hifi speaker.

    i have come across an other rogers speaker called the rogers monitor 2 (this is on the badge). it has a clear polypropalene 10inch woofer, a tweeter and an other tweeter. the cabinet is about 35hx15wx17d inches. i cannot find any info on the web any healp from you would be greately appriciated. if you like i can send pictures of all 3 speakers. many thanks.

    • Ade
    • Lagos, NG
    • 19 November, 2009

    Thanks for this simple and straight forward guide.

    • Tom Hatton
    • Orpington, Kent
    • 12 November, 2009

    Hi Mark. What a wonderful, site with so much fascinating information. Just really wanted to let you know that I'm a recent owner of a pair of LS 7's (2 weeks) and so, I was delighted to find your site and discover the fact that you possess the same speakers.

    I aquired my LS 7's from a charity shop for twenty quid after I practically fell over them.....

    I slowly removed the grills...and there they were! LS 7's!!

    I asked the man in the shop " much do you want for those old speakers on the floor" ? ...and he said £20. I bit his arm off, rushed them home in the car and connected them up....with my heart beating like a little kid...I'm 48!

    They work perfectly, Mark. Happy days!