Here is a picture of the cases and the provisional internal layout:

GainClone enclosures - with Pink Floyd for scale! (58KB)

These measure 75 by 120 by 245mm (HWD) approx, which is nice and compact. The Pink Floyd SACD is for scale...

They used to contain switched-mode power supplies for a computer system, but these are history now. As you can see, they are well-ventilated, and have nice proportions for a monoblock amplifier. The compact size is really appealing to me - 4 of them sitting side-by-side on a shelf measure just under 50cm - only slightly wider than "standard-width" 430mm kit. Apart from the usual drilling, the only work that they need is a new front panel. I've got some 4mm aluminium that can be cut to fit and bolted onto the front of the case with some nice stainless-steel Allen bolts. It should look quite nice if I make this front panel slightly oversized. I'll probably paint them matt black - they're in good condition with no scratches, so a paint job should be nice and easy...

Internally, the audio PCB would be mounted on top of the capacitors, joined to the heat sink with right-angle brackets. A short length of aluminium angle would be attacted to the rear of the heatsink, and would hold the input/output connections. The rectangular hole in the rear of the case would be enlarged to clear them. This means that the complete amplifier assembly can be lifted out easily without having to undo a series of connections.

The control PCB was designed to fit immediately behind the front panel, with the power switch and standby LED mounted on the rear of the PCB. The layout of components was carefully chosen to work around the shape of the mains transformer.

Thinking back, this project was almost completely ready to go; it was just a matter of finalising the analogue configuration. I really hope that I eventually get the chance to finish these at some point in the future :-)

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