LS3/5a (39K)These loudspeakers should require no introduction, having acquired 'classic' status.

Eventually, there will be some decent pictures and information here, but for now you can see the owners manual and an interesting review from the mid-'80s...

In the meantime, check out for just about everything you need to know about these speakers - a superb site set up by Paul Whatton. Paul's father Maurice worked on the development of the LS3/5A, so who better to curate such a wealth of data? There you will find pictures, reviews, history and links to manufacturers. Details of the crossovers are also there. Additionally, you can find details of the Yahoo LS3/5A mailing group, which is a very active source of information. As well as the messages, you'll find pictures, documents and databases. Highly recommended.

In fact, if you have a question about the LS3/5A, I'd strongly recommend that you looked at both those resources before emailing me. It's well-worth joining the Yahoo group, as there are dozens of experts participating there that know far more about the LS3/5A than I ever could.

Owners Manual

Scans of my manual - click to enlarge...

Please note: The copyright of this manual probably belongs to Rogers International Ltd, and while I believe that the inclusion here constitutes fair usage given their historical value, please be aware that they may be removed at any time.