Rogers Brochures and Reviews

This page contains historical brochures and articles. I believe that their inclusion here constitutes fair usage given the historical interest, but be aware that I may need to remove material from here at any time in the future. If anyone owns the copyright to anything refered to on this page, please contact me to discuss options.

Range Brochures

This brochure is from the mid-80s, and includes the LS2, LS6, LS7 and Studio 1, along with the BBC LS3/5A, LS5/8 and LS5/9. Click the images to enlarge...


Slightly more up to date - this time we're in 1991... The LS5/8 is no longer shown, but the LS3/5A and LS5/9 are still in evidence. Non-BBC models include the LS2a/2, LS4a/2 and the LS8a.

Brochures for miscellaneous products

Brochures that cover individual products

Various Reviews

Many of these are referred to elsewhere on this site, but here is a list of reviews that I've found over the years.

As mentioned above, these reviews are subject to copyright, and I might need to take them down if the original owner does not agree that my use of them constitutes fair usage.