BBC and Rogers Loudspeakers

I've been a fan of Rogers speakers since I first repaired an LS3/5a back in 1989 when I had a Saturday job at a local electrical shop. I was really impressed with the build quality, the helpful attitude of their service department, and of course the sound quality - this was long before I understood the significance of the BBC association. This section started out as a mini-tribute to the Rogers LS7 some 20+ years ago, but quickly grew to include several BBC-licensed models, and now covers many speakers from the BBC and Rogers.

Of course, there's no way I could hear them all, but most of what I have experienced is written up here. I get a lot of emails asking for my opinions about all sorts of random speakers, but if I've not mentioned a model on this website, I probably can't tell you much about it! Probably...

  • BBC loudspeaker overview

    BBC loudspeaker overview

    An introduction to BBC loudspeakers, including an attempt to list as many as I can, along with links to further information where available.

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  • BBC LS3/5a

    BBC LS3/5a

    The most famous of the BBC loudspeakers, the classic mini-monitors that reached cult status decades ago.

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  • BBC LS3/6, the Spendor BC1 and the Rogers Export Monitor

    BBC LS3/6, the Spendor BC1 and the Rogers Export Monitor

    The story behind these speakers is complicated and frequently mis-told. I've spent many years trying to unravel it, and have recently been able to fill in many gaps. As this has expanded, I have moved this to its own page.

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  • BBC LS5/8

    BBC LS5/8

    The largest BBC-designed monitor loudspeaker, developed in the late 1970s and still occasionally found in some parts of the BBC. This page provides details of how I "cloned" the specially modified Quad 405 that forms the heart of the system.

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  • Chord LS5/8

    Chord LS58

    Quad stopped manufacture of the Quad 405 in 1992, so an alternative had to be found. The Chord SPM800 was chosen after a selection process - pictures and a BBC ENG INF article explain the details.

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  • BBC LS5/9

    BBC LS5/9

    These were designed to provide a close sonic match with the larger LS5/8 in an enclosure of around a quarter of the volume. In practice, they do sound somewhat different, and weren't universally liked with the BBC. However, they are capable of excellent results when properly set up.

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  • New BBC speakers

    New BBC speakers

    Worldwide demand for these classic speakers remains as strong as ever, and several manufacturers hold licences to sell them.

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  • Rogers overview

    Rogers overview

    Some background on the Rogers company over the decades.

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  • Rogers LS7

    Rogers LS7

    These were my main speakers for 5 years, and were the first to feature on this site some 20+ years ago. Highly recommended if you have the space for them, and something of a bargain on the second-hand market. Details and pictures of the subsequent LS7t can also be found here.

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  • Rogers dB101

    Rogers dB101

    These curious little objects marked a radical departure from the traditional Rogers style, and certainly raised a few eyebrows at launch. They are surprisingly good - especially for the £100 Richer Sounds were selling them for - I ended up buying two pairs.

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  • Other models from Rogers

    Other Models

    Details of some of the other models made by Rogers over the years. I don't have much, if any, experience with the speakers detailed on this page, but have been able to put together some information about some of the better-known models.

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  • Rogers Brochures and reviews

    Brochures and Articles

    Rogers brochures and reviews.

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  • Service and spares

    Service and Spares

    This is the big problem with owning these classic models, but some advice and possible contacts can be found here...

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