Unfortunately, I haven't had time to create this section of the website.

Of all the various things on this site, PIC content is by far and away the most difficult and time-consuming to produce, and it's important to explain that the existing content was made when I was time-rich - in other words, before we had children!

I am encouraged by the positive feedback I occasionally receive about the PIC section, even though the introduction is far from finished and desperately needs updating, especially the pages describing how to set up a Windows 98 machine for PIC programming (though I still have a couple of W98 machines for that purpose and others, believe it or not!). But a lot has changed in the last two decades, and now most people would rather program in C or other high level languages than assembly. Much as I feel that's a shame, it's understandable, and so this section continues to take a back seat. But I leave this placeholder here in the hope that one day I will feel motivated to create some new material that might be of interest to a few.