Musical Fidelity A1

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     the A1 selector (12K)Back in the mid 1990s, I sketched out the schematic of my A1 while servicing it. A few years later, in response to queries on Usenet, I scanned the drawing for a handful of interested parties which resulted in many discussions about it. Not long after, I set up this website, and a page detailing this unique amplifier was one of the first articles posted - it's been very popular ever since.

Back in 2005, I was contacted by Tim de Paravicini, who originally designed the amplifier for Musical Fidelity. Now that I have a much better understanding of the circuit, I have updated the technical pages in light of this. I'd like to thank Tim for his invaluable input, and thanks are also due to the other numerous contributors who have helped me to make this section more complete.

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Musical Fidelity can still service many of their old amplifiers; search their website for "Fine Tuning". You'll need deep pockets! Having just taken a look (October 2013), I note that the A1 and related models from that time have are no longer listed.

Currently, life is too busy for me to offer you a repair service. This might change in the future - if so, I'll announce it here. But feel free to ask me for help and advice - there's a chance I can offer some basic assistance.

A better bet would be to contact Jez at Arkless Electronics. He used to work in Musical Fidelity's service department back in the early 1990s, and is very familiar with these products. Please do bear in mind that he is running a business and doesn't have time to enter into lengthy correspondence about the amplifier that you might be trying to fix yourself, but he's very happy to take on the work at the moment.