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Guestbook entries from November 2021 (1)

    • James
    • U.K
    • 1 November, 2021

    Thanks for your great website! My love affair with the MF A1 began when I saw 2 x old amps lying on the tarmac at a car boot sale over 10 years ago. Upon investigation I saw a scruffy old Cambridge Audio amp - and the very dated and unusual looking A1 which I had never seen before. I was impressed by the 'Made in England', the hand written serial number and the weight of the unit and I asked what he wanted for them to which the gentleman replied ' a tenner for the pair'. I offered him £7.50 for the pair (you have to haggle lol) and he accepted!

    When I got them home the Cambridge Audio worked but was quickly forgotten when I fired up the A1 - wow! - what a beautiful sound through my Mission 753's. I was blown away by the presence and depth especially after it the unit had warmed up! I have a MF A100 as my main amp now but the A1 is always on standby! I swear it still sounds better than the A100! This was and still is the best purchase of my life and I feel embarrassed for having haggled the guy down from £10!

    Thanks again for having such an excellent resource available for everyone!