Welcome to my guestbook, where you can see what previous visitors think about this site and my projects and articles. Many thanks to everyone who has left messages - your feedback really is appreciated!

Guestbook entries from 2020 (12)

    • Tony H
    • Bristol, UK
    • 21 November, 2020

    Hi Mark,

    Like many other visitors, I linked to your voltage reference articles from eevblog, and found a wealth of valuable knowledge and information! Many more hours to be lost reading things on your web site I fear...

    Our backgrounds are not dissimilar, I also had a Garrard 2025 and mended or stripped many electronic things as I grew up. Also worked in broadcasting, so very familiar with LS3/5a BC1 Eng Inf etc, but drifted into IT by the mid '80s. My old web site went when Freeserve folded, but I have a small one at for those repairs I feel might help someone else or save some landfill.

    Thanks you for documenting your labours - as you say in your 'About' it can be very time-consuming - especially the budget multi-meters.

    Stay safe - Tony H.

    P.S. I was never keen on the BC1 for speech - much too harsh in the middle frequency range. Superb clarity with orchestra though!

    • Karl
    • Towcester, UK
    • 28 October, 2020

    Firstly, a big thanks for making the information regarding the Music Fidelity amp available, it is an excellent resource. Secondly, having bought an amp several years ago, with a very noisy volume control, I implemented your pre-amp mod which was very easy to make and install. This, coupled with replacing the PSU capacitors, has transformed the amp making it very quiet, much more musical with solid and clear bass; it quite a revelation! So my thanks once again.

    • Steven Zounis
    • Sydney
    • 25 October, 2020

    I have a pair of Rogers Studio 1 speakers purchased new around 1983. I still use them and still cannot find another pair of speakers of the same sound quality. I enjoy watching my teenage daughters reaction to the sound quality when listening to "real" HiFi! It is more of an experience and not just listening to music. I was interested in your website reading about Rogers speakers. I am always thinking of an equivalent replacement if ever my speakers fail. What I have come up with is a pair of Harbeth Monitor 40.2 loudspeaker's which I am prepared to fly to the UK to audition! I still listen to vinyl and CD's. Thank you for an interesting website!

    • Nicolaas Krugell
    • Witbank
    • 5 October, 2020

    Good day

    I highly appreciated your website thank you for all the effort and years of work dedicated to this website

    Kind regards

    • Singapore
    • 27 August, 2020

    Dear Mark,

    I happen to stumble upon your website in one of the diy audio forums. Your website is very informative and your photos are high resolution which are rare for diy audio websites.

    I'm presently recapping my NAD3240PE amplifier, and also completed doing the same thing for my older NAD7155 FM Radio integrated amplifier (the FM tuner is dead already!).

    I only read your section on multimeters so far, and find it very helpful, as I used that to help me decide on my purchase of a new RS PRO multimeter.

    I'm a diy audio hobbyist, starting to tinker around with PCBs, soldering, learning to read circuit diagrams and taking apart electrical appliances and old radios since pre-teen years....

    I'll look through your other sections and I'm sure I will find them interesting.

    Many thanks for sharing your experience and technical knowledge!

    Best regards and take care!


    • Jonathan Bliss
    • Roscommon, Ireland
    • 23 June, 2020

    Hi, I always happen upon your page when I Google for ATC SCM20's. I used to own a really good pair myself, I loved them.

    Had several amps with them including a pro amplifier - MC2 Audio MC650 - 350W. It really worked with them, filling out the soundstage more so than other amps I tried such as the Michell Alecto mono blocks.

    Alas, I decided my room was too large for them, so sold them on for some large JBLs, probably too large now.

    If I ever found another nice pair I might just have to go for them again.

    Love the fact you are so knowledgeable about such things and even building your own amps. Must be very satisfying.

    All the best, Jon

    • Nick
    • W Wales
    • 19 June, 2020

    Fab resource!
    Lots of reading to be had
    Have bookmarked, will return.

    • Duncan Lucas
    • Scotland
    • 17 June, 2020

    Like you my first "quality" record player was a Garrard 2025TC, I too changed the ceramic cartridge for a MM one.

    We hold the same interests although I think I am a bit older than you---old engineers never die they only fade away.

    • David
    • Wakefield
    • 5 June, 2020

    just thought I'd have a look at your website and then spent a couple of enjoyable hours going through it! I particularly enjoyed reading about your Hacker volume control repairs and your NICAM decoder project!

    • Steve Faulkner
    • Kansas City, USA
    • 28 May, 2020

    Mark, thanks much for this site. It's tough to find much technical info on these old amps, much less anything so well done. I've got an A100 that I purchased in 1987. It hasn't seen much use since the late 90's, but still runs like a champ. I'm going to spend some time over the next few months updating it, and the info you've provided will be more helpful in that effort than anything else I've found...and infinitely better than what Musical Fidelity was willing to provide (that is, zero).

    • Al Davies
    • Glasgow, UK
    • 15 May, 2020

    As a beginner in electronics I found your site very useful. I'll be delving into op-amp cicuits soon so every little bit of knowledge is a good thing. Thank you.

    • Hector Plain
    • England
    • 17 January, 2020

    What a superb site. I stumbled on this whilst looking for info on my beloved Hacker RP25. Mark I think you would make a smashing teacher or author of technical books. The ability to convey intricate detail whilst maintaining interest is a rare skill indeed and you have mastered it.

    The writing style reminds me of my favourite electronics book, Principals of Electronics by Colin Simpson, no big words or anything too clever just important information delivered in a digestible manner.