Welcome to my guestbook, where you can see what previous visitors think about this site and my projects and articles. Many thanks to everyone who has left messages - your feedback really is appreciated!

Guestbook entries from December 2018 (2)

    • Dave Patterson
    • Pacific Northwest, USA
    • 30 December, 2018

    Mark, Great site!
    I found it while looking for some basic information on PICs. Your PIC section really helped me finally wrap my head around the way timing works. Thanks!

    I look forward to perusing the rest of your site as time permits. The Hi-Fi and electronics sections are of particular interest.

    • The Real Davey Crockett
    • usa
    • 26 December, 2018

    WOW Radio Shack went out of business but I have found all these wonderful folks like mark moving beauty and music forward. and the soft style of writing gives me Zero Listening Fatique

    Wow Mark where is the donate here button.

    Another fan