Welcome to my guestbook, where you can see what previous visitors think about this site and my projects and articles. Many thanks to everyone who has left messages - your feedback really is appreciated!

Guestbook entries from 2018 (9)

    • Dave Patterson
    • Pacific Northwest, USA
    • 30 December, 2018

    Mark, Great site!
    I found it while looking for some basic information on PICs. Your PIC section really helped me finally wrap my head around the way timing works. Thanks!

    I look forward to perusing the rest of your site as time permits. The Hi-Fi and electronics sections are of particular interest.

    • The Real Davey Crockett
    • usa
    • 26 December, 2018

    WOW Radio Shack went out of business but I have found all these wonderful folks like mark moving beauty and music forward. and the soft style of writing gives me Zero Listening Fatique

    Wow Mark where is the donate here button.

    Another fan


    • Peter Geisler
    • Germany - Sachsen-Anhalt
    • 5 November, 2018

    Very usefull hints for buying the right reference modul for my hobby - at the moment it is a rf power meter which needs a stable reference point for reproducing reliable results at all.
    Thanks for publishing your ideas and work to find that out.

    • Aki Turan
    • London
    • 18 June, 2018

    Thanks Mark. Great site. Clean and uncluttered. Informative without being too obscure or simplistic.

    Am a proud owner of a MF A1-MK2 that needs a service. Usual problems. Your site will help in what I'll do with the amp when time permits.

    Again, cheers. Would buy you a beer if in London.


    • Mark
    • Midlands
    • 17 April, 2018

    Thanks for your interesting and informative piece on the AD584 voltage references. I received mine from China this week, the cheapest one for £3.50 delivered.

    I was surprised to find the board had an LH version device as it was discontinued in 2012 yet mine is date marked 1640, and the 'test certificate' is dated 2015. LOL!

    I love all this chinese stuff, what a joy for curious electronics hobbyists...

    • Jerry Ervin
    • Michigan, USA
    • 7 April, 2018

    Your site was very recently recommended to me and I'm checking it out now. Thank you for being here!

    • oscar
    • llanelli carms
    • 14 March, 2018

    A great trip through memory lane...Very absorbing and interesting effort. Thank you! I am on my 70s but still enjoying the "reviving" of the occasional "patient"!
    At the moment I am trying to find "SFT" type transistors having here two sets made in Italy in the 60s. A task rather difficult to perform especially when there are no markings on the little blighters. Thanks again: you have one more follower.

    • Troyte
    • Worcestershire
    • 12 March, 2018

    A well-presented website having a clear layout that includes photographs of exceptional quality. In my view, the most important aspect of all is that the pages are written in a style that makes the information easy to understand. This is because it's underpinned by first-class grammar, systematic formatting and proper punctuation.
    Thank you, Mark :-)

    • Rudy van Stratum
    • Netherlands
    • 17 January, 2018

    I'm a diy fan and longtime builder of diy musical fidelity A1 A100 A1000 and so forth. I got the copy of the A1 circuit in 1991 from the Dutch importer of MF stuff (but had to keep it secret!). It was Mr Hennessy who for the first time wrote publicly about the A1 and revealed its schematics from own research! Since that time I recommended this site to many friends for advice and explanation.

    (BTW still puzzled about the claim of TdP about the 20Watt class A claim of A1 with only 700mA standing current, but in the end he IS the designer, so ....)