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Guestbook entries from 2016 (8)

    • Bob Marting
    • Yorkshire
    • 1 December, 2016

    I found your page by accident looking for information on AD584 voltage references - your reviews were useful.

    I ordered one of the type 2 you reviewed and received exactly the same photocopied "calibration certificate" :) ! The actual module was the 'L' higher spec version which was good.

    That said, having paying £3.56 including delivery from China I was more than happy and it served it's purpose in checking the accuracy of a number of analogue automotive workshop instruments. The accuracy of the module was fine for the purpose.

    nice website


    • George Dougherty
    • Belfast
    • 12 October, 2016

    I found your pages on the PIC programming very helpful and cleared up some problems I had when I first tried to program them. My interest in PIC programming came from building an emulated version of Clive Sinclair's first computer that I owned years ago but decided to throw away. After regretting my decision I built the emulator but wanted to understand more as how this is done. My difficulty came from trying to understand the .asm file that came with the circuit diagram. My electronics experience made it very straight forward for me to build the emulator, but struggled badly to understand the op code in the .asm file. But I find it particularly ironlc that a Harvard type PIC was emulating a Von-Newman type processor from the late 70's. Anyway thank you so much for your detailed walk through what seems a simple 4 bit counter, but to emulate this using a PIC uncovers so many programming mechanisms that I will use in my exploration into PIC programming. Can't wait for the next instalment.


    • Simbarashe Antonio
    • Australia
    • 25 May, 2016

    Highly informative and educational. As a novice in programming it is a very good foundation and a stepping stone in my personal development. keep up the good work

    • Gerald Larooy
    • Christchurch, New Zealand
    • 11 May, 2016

    I liked the stuff about germanium transistors and would like to know more. I wonder if germanium has anything sonically relavent?

    • fishdroid
    • USA
    • 24 January, 2016

    I find your site very interesting and informative. I go back to the days when there were many DIY electronics shops in existence. Radio Shack and others supplied complete plans and kits for all manner of DIY electronics projects including amplifiers. With the exception of some VERY expensive quality manufactured amps the only way to obtain "real audiophile quality" stereo components was to "roll-your-own" using tubes instead of solid state devices. Some people, even today, prefer the sound quality of tubes over solid state. Problem is, finding the tubes and replacements. Anyway, now you all have an idea how old I am. Long live the Who, Led Zeppelin, and the Rolling Stones!!!!!!!

    • Chris
    • Cambridgeshire UK
    • 15 January, 2016

    Wow !
    Many thanks for posting up your findings and experience on the failures of old Germanium and silicon transistors. Fine work. Luckily Germanium devices are much more robust than they are given credit for. Long live Germanium !

    • Mark Beatie
    • USA
    • 4 January, 2016

    Great write-ups on the gainclones and speakers. I've read your site over the years and have always loved rereading your audio designs.

    Cheers and happy 2016!

    • EJIRO
    • Abuja, Nigeria
    • 4 January, 2016

    Thanks for your page. You did a lot of clarification on the subject. I am so much interested in PIC and want to make it a hobby.