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Guestbook entries from December 2015 (4)

    • Stew Nelless
    • Alberta, Canada
    • 23 December, 2015

    Great pages. I remember when I was looking at power supplies for Airpax equipped turntables (like the LP12) and stumbled across your pages. Always informative. I stumbled her as a result of searching for links to the Musical Fidelity A1 and similar amplifiers (even the Sugden A-21). As always a great resource.

    • Narayan Gokul Lakariya
    • Bhagur, Nashik
    • 12 December, 2015

    I liked your website and thanks for your step by step explaination of PIC16F84A microcontroller programming.

    Your website is best for the begineers who can develop himself just by reading your site.

    • Sidney Lellis
    • Brazil
    • 9 December, 2015


    Thanks to share your experience to us. Very good site.

    • Henry Chan
    • Las Vegas, NV
    • 4 December, 2015

    Hi Mark, thank you for posting such detail article on A1, otherwise no one seems to know anything about this incredible little amp. It is old, but one solid A1 X integrated class A amp.