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Guestbook entries from February 2012 (1)

    • Kelvin Turner
    • Oxford
    • 26 February, 2012

    Hi Mark! Great site. I want to thank you for all the info. and tips you have here. They helped me enormously. Here's what I just posted on the DIY audio site..."Hi all! I have just completed a replacement programme of all the electrolytic capacitors in my MA50 monoblocs and WOW what amazing amplifiers these things are! I remembered them being praised to the skies in the days when they were available new (mid eighties) in magazines like HiFi Answers. At that time I could not afford such luxuries, but when I found a pair of these on ebay I bought them. I listened and thought I had made a mistake, but then I found Mark Hennessy's site and followed his advice about swapping the electrolytic capacitors as a first step to rejuvenating the amps. I have never done anything like this before, but i managed to work out how to make the changes and executed the soldering with great care (the circuit boards are old and the track has a tendency to come away some times). The results are FANTASTIC! I will post a list of the capacitors I used on Mark's brilliant site in a kind of homage to all he has done to help me. Good luck!"

    I would like to send you a list of the capacitors I used in case it helps anybody else to make the improvements I have. Could you let me know how? Cheers. Kelvin.