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Guestbook entries from 2010 (15)

    • Howard M
    • Birmingham, UK
    • 29 December, 2010

    Excellent PIC primer, dude - having got the hang of Arduinos and AVR stuff, really wanted to have a go with PICs but it all seemed waaay too advanced until I came across these pages. Many thanks :)

    • gokul
    • India
    • 28 December, 2010

    PIC programming article is so good for beginners.
    i request to add c programming article for PIC 16,18 series.

    • Wayne Robinson
    • UK
    • 12 December, 2010

    What a brilliant website, I am just starting with PIC Programming and to read something that assures me I am taking the right path is really great :)
    Thank you for sharing your work & experiences

    • viren
    • India
    • 26 November, 2010

    Started working in my head on a preamp using the PGA 2310, so this site is going to be looked up pretty often! Lots of interesting ideas here. I too chased the 5-gang mech. pot with servo control dream. The major problem with pots is the noise that gets out of hand with time.

    This is for a 5-ch version of the Leach amp. I built some time back.

    I do some woodworking too!

    • keith
    • rochester kent
    • 21 November, 2010

    fantastic result from dave in romford i would recomend this guy to anyone who has a damaged speaker very quick and cheap and alovely bloke thanks a million keith

    • Rein Gortemaker
    • The Netherlands
    • 9 September, 2010

    Thank for your collection of work. I recently became a proud owner of LS6 set.

    • Francis Janurius
    • Malaysia
    • 11 August, 2010

    This is the first time I am coming across such a complex preamp. It has completely blown my mind. I may not be making this design, but it has certainly inspired me to carry on with my DIY audio work. I have been stagnant for a number of years, as components are easy to come by over here.
    keep up the good work.




    • rkelly
    • San Francisco
    • 4 August, 2010

    thanks for itching the scratch that so many of us have as found listeners of our Rogers speakers. Your conclusion of the sound quality of the LS5/9 was spot on. Love my LS2, LS6 & LS5/9's. Don't have enough rooms in the house for any more.

    • Col
    • London, UK
    • 18 June, 2010

    Wow, thanks for the detailed info, you have explained so much so clearly.

    • Darijo Sundov
    • Croatia
    • 25 April, 2010

    Greetings from Split,Croatia !
    I'm proud owner of a Rogers Studio 1a.
    Your web site is very informative about old Hi-Fi.
    If you have any review about Rogers loudspeakers please ?
    Thank You and Best Regards !

    • A. Rodgers
    • Kent, UK
    • 8 April, 2010

    Mark - just to say thank you for the extremely well written and genuinely helpful and interesting PIC getting started guide.

    Looks like the pages haven't been updated for some time, so I won't hold up much hope of the 'applications' section being completed any time soon!

    But as an introduction to PIC programming, I found your guide invaluable. Thank you.

    • TAnh
    • VietNam
    • 8 March, 2010

    I want to say THANK YOU so much!
    I saw this web by chance. Something you've colected help me much

    • Thomas
    • 25 February, 2010


    Thanks for your good job in expressing and teaching on writing simple program for PIC.

    • Amith Prasanna
    • Sri Lanka
    • 21 February, 2010

    this is a great site. it is very useful for bigenners. thankyou very much. wish you for all success.

    • Omar
    • Washington DC
    • 7 January, 2010

    Great website, Mark! I programmed PICs in college for an Embedded Design class, and thought I'd get back into it recently. Your beginners assembly tutorial was a great refresher. Thank you!