Welcome to my guestbook, where you can see what previous visitors think about this site and my projects and articles. Many thanks to everyone who has left messages - your feedback really is appreciated!

Guestbook entries from 2009 (25)

    • bosco
    • Eire
    • 4 December, 2009

    Loved this site, great info on PIC thank a million mate.
    Much appreciated slan abhaile. (bye)

    • ranjit wimalasena
    • Toronto, Canada
    • 29 November, 2009

    your site is informative and is well presented. i have 2 pairs of rogers, one is a rogers monitor 2 (8 bextrene woofer, a celestion tweeter and a coles super tweeter) and the other has no lables and the covers are impossible to remove to look at the drivers. both are fine speakers and i use the one without lable as my main hifi speaker.

    i have come across an other rogers speaker called the rogers monitor 2 (this is on the badge). it has a clear polypropalene 10inch woofer, a tweeter and an other tweeter. the cabinet is about 35hx15wx17d inches. i cannot find any info on the web any healp from you would be greately appriciated. if you like i can send pictures of all 3 speakers. many thanks.

    • Ade
    • Lagos, NG
    • 19 November, 2009

    Thanks for this simple and straight forward guide.

    • Tom Hatton
    • Orpington, Kent
    • 12 November, 2009

    Hi Mark. What a wonderful, site with so much fascinating information. Just really wanted to let you know that I'm a recent owner of a pair of LS 7's (2 weeks) and so, I was delighted to find your site and discover the fact that you possess the same speakers.

    I aquired my LS 7's from a charity shop for twenty quid after I practically fell over them.....

    I slowly removed the grills...and there they were! LS 7's!!

    I asked the man in the shop " much do you want for those old speakers on the floor" ? ...and he said £20. I bit his arm off, rushed them home in the car and connected them up....with my heart beating like a little kid...I'm 48!

    They work perfectly, Mark. Happy days!

    • Tormod
    • Bergen, Norway
    • , 2009

    Great site!

    I have built an audio amplifier, but your design just looks so superior! The idea of using a microcontroller for the circuit safety and using a light for fault indication is super!

    • Matt S.
    • Naples, FL USA
    • 1 October, 2009

    I have been searching for quite some time for a clear beginners guide to PIC programming.
    I finally found it here.
    Thanks for all your efforts!

    • Geriatric Sod
    • Melbourne, VIC, Australia
    • 16 September, 2009

    Love your site! It's a good find after trawling the internet looking for DIY Audio projects...

    Just wondering why your pre-amp uses switching relays for input switching, instead of one of Maxim's semiconductor audio you reckon that might be the way you would design it if you had to do it all over again?

    Thanks again!

    • Karel Chlebek
    • Glasgow
    • 1 September, 2009

    It's a great site. Entertaining, well-written and informative. Being a former electronics buff myself, I enjoyed your articles, especially the audio ones - you definitely don't need a "Who writes this crap?!" option. I feel a little inspired to get back into it all - thanks!

    • Ho Petrus Aswin
    • Google Search
    • 26 August, 2009

    I like this PIC site very much, therefore I'd like to thank Mark for his Good Job.

    • Martin Smolka
    • Czech Republic
    • 13 August, 2009


    • John P Coates
    • SE England
    • 12 August, 2009

    I really like the layout of your site and find it most inspiring. You've got some interesting projects on the go. I intend to re-visit this site from time to time. Keep up the good work!

    • Perry A. Leaves
    • Beavercreek, Ohio
    • 20 July, 2009

    Thanks so much for your PIC programming page!  I have been trying to teach myself to program the pic16F84a using the literature available on the Microchip web sight.  All of the examples they have available raise more questions than they answer making the learning process very difficult.

    The examples on your web sight answered relevant questions as soon as they arose and in very good detail.

    I will continue reading microchips literature but it will be much easier after reading through your examples.

    There were a couple of obvious typing errors in the examples movwf instead of movfw.  The code was explained well enough in the commentary that it was easy to see the mistake in the code example.

    I really feel I have learned a great deal in a short amount of time from reading your section on PIC program.  I have literally spent days reading microchips literature and felt like I was no closer to programming a PIC then when I started.  After all the reading I did I did not understand the basic structure of the .ASM file or what the include file was for.

    Thank you so much!!

    • Ian Wester
    • Swindon - work
    • 15 July, 2009

    Hello Mark,

    Just a quick note of appreciation for your website. I found it when looking for a basic PIC tutorial.

    I also spent 3 years running an PA sound and light company so the Audio stuff was a worthwhile distraction.


    • Richard
    • Sussex
    • 9 July, 2009

    Nice to see that the site is still accessible but guest book sparse over the last couple of years. So thought I would add a comment in 2009.

    • Nagesh
    • India
    • 29 June, 2009

    Excellent website for those who want to get into embedded world.......:)


    • Dewald Haasbroek
    • Pretoria, South Africa
    • 27 April, 2009

    Thank you Thank you, This really helped me to get started in the wonderful of microcontrollers.

    The site was easy to read and the downloads(the quick refrence sheet, and the default program lay out) was of great help to me.

    Hope to see more of this A-grade stuff on your web page

    Dewald Haasbroek

    • sameh medany
    • Cairo, Egypt
    • 18 April, 2009

    dear mark,

    a lot of thanks for creating this great web site for teaching beginners like me, and i hope to provide more examples on how to program PICS and how to link a PIC with an xbee modules

    • sidd
    • Calgary
    • 31 March, 2009

    this site is very helpul for young begineers to cope with their starting problems and know the basics of PIC instruction set

    • Gireesh
    • Kollam, Kerala, India
    • 10 March, 2009

    Thanks for the site. It is very useful and interesting.

    • df
    • Germany, Bawü, ma
    • 27 February, 2009

    Hi Mark! Very nice site! So many interesting things going on here ;) ! Hope u have some time to pick up some new stuff... soon... keep going on! best regards.

    • herb
    • Halifax, NS
    • 15 February, 2009

    after being out of school for 20 years, I now find myself back into the books, what my digitial instructor misses I have found here. Thanks for the wonderful site.

    • Dario
    • Canada
    • 6 February, 2009

    Thank you for this site!

    • rasheed k
    • India
    • 5 February, 2009

    i am really very happy to find this site.i am beginner in PIC programming.very very thanks to this site.

    • Damian
    • Australia
    • 26 January, 2009

    Love your DIY section keep up the great work. I love working with my hands but I need to see something visually before I am confident enough to tackle it.

    Your DIY garden shed was great. Not many garden sheds in Australia look like that it came up really well. Most of our garden sheds are made from steel and are prefabricated.

    Anyway keep up the great posts.

    • abhilash
    • India
    • 1 January, 2009