Welcome to my guestbook, where you can see what previous visitors think about this site and my projects and articles. Many thanks to everyone who has left messages - your feedback really is appreciated!

Guestbook entries from 2006 (47)

    • Navajyoti Saikia
    • Namrup-Assam-India
    • 26 December, 2006

    just stumbled into your site via google. great job for learners. looking forward for the future enhancements. please don't remove anything from this site. they will help many around the world. keep it up.

    • Julian
    • Wales, UK
    • 26 December, 2006

    Hi Mark,

    I am just starting out PIC Programming for a small project that I would like to get sorted out and came across your site by accident on the web.

    I must say that I am impressed.

    I was just wondering if you might be a Radio Amateur by the content of parts of your workshop ?
    I used to be in the electronics repair trade but don't do much of it these days however the PIC project is revitalising my enthusiasm for this kind of thing

    Best Regards

    Julian Cleak ( GW4JBQ )

    • Nico
    • Amanzimtoti, South Africa
    • 10 December, 2006

    I followed a comment on diyAudio. I must commend you on placing so much attention to detail in the little project. If it sounds good there is no harm in making it look good as well.

    • balto the wolfdog
    • England UK
    • 5 December, 2006

    Great site, very informative. Interesting, as I have purchased a Musical Fidelity A100 amplifier, with the intention of refurbishing it as a project. Currently, I am having a problem with the selector switch, and would like to obtain a replacement. Thanks for the circuit descriptions.



    • Charles
    • Portugal
    • 28 November, 2006


    congratulations it's great site all is very well explained and we can easy understand
    perfect work



    • Ben Louw
    • Singapore
    • 28 November, 2006

    I enjoy visiting your site. I bought a pair of LS2a/2s in 1996 and they still give me great listening pleasure.

    • Adam Boardman
    • Buffalo, NY USA
    • 13 November, 2006

    I own what I was told are the last pair of LS8as - and, therefore, probably the last pair of speakers - the "original" Rogers ever made. They're in great shape, I love 'em, and it's good to see through your site that should they ever break, their ought to be in good, if few hands.

    • James
    • Virginia, USA
    • 17 October, 2006

    Great site, I found more than I was looking for

    • Michael Menina
    • Laguna, Philippines
    • 14 October, 2006

    Great Site!!!Nicely done. Now I have something to pattern with my next amp and preamp projects.

    • Walter
    • UK
    • 10 October, 2006

    Like it

    • Anh Tuan
    • Vietnam
    • 5 October, 2006

    It is very usefull for me.

    • Charles McCrimmon
    • Scotland
    • 5 October, 2006

    Nice clean website,

    Loved your DIY workshop, found yer website while looking for some inspiration on designing my own hobby area. Was helpful to see how someone else approached it. Also nice to find some PIC resources here, just got myself a programmer but havnt spent any time with it as yet. Waiting on completion of my area to work in.

    • Gufran shaikh
    • 5 October, 2006


    • Bob Durk
    • Ontario, Canada
    • 17 September, 2006

    Hello Mark,
    I just stumbled across your site and admire the professional set-up and layout.Very nice to navigate as well.I think the main reason I like the site is that I was on it for less than 5 minutes and already found helpfull info. This will help a "Mainly Self Taught" person program in a more logical fashion.
    Thankyou for the resourse and I am looking forward to returning to the site (hopefully this evening!!)


    • Howard
    • Surrey, England
    • 2 September, 2006


    I did enjoy your articles on Rogers loudspeakers. I have a pair of Rogers LS7s, bought in 1983, and I have not yet felt any need to upgrade or replace them, they are fabulous and still work perfectly. I found your Service and Spares page useful too, as I guess one day they may need repair.


    • greg angst
    • Houston, Texas
    • 4 August, 2006

    Mark, I like your project which uses four LM4780 chip amps. I am considering building one using 6 LM4780's.

    • Mark Lawrence
    • Taunton, UK
    • 2 August, 2006

    Nice to see a easy to read site keep up the good work

    • Matthew
    • New Zealand
    • 22 July, 2006

    I came accross your site while looking for a pre-amp design. After much browsing and reading, I have to say this is one of the best resources I have ever come accross!

    • Eddie le Roux
    • South Africa a small town called Welkom<
    • 13 July, 2006

    Found your site on Google - this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for a super range of articles and links.

    Keep it up. Well done.

    • Tyrmorr
    • UK
    • 10 July, 2006

    I have had my LS7's since I was a teenager, bought them second hand quite cheap.

    I never really realised what I had till just recently.

    Your site is excellent, well laid out, with a huge mass of useful information.

    • Jonney
    • Northern Ireland
    • 10 July, 2006

    Mark! What can I say? You have excelled yourself, this site is just what I have wanted for about 10 years, since I stupidly sold my pair of ls7's. I haven't fully explored the site yet and am being forcably removed from the computer by the wife, but will return as soon as I can and continue. Thank you!

    • John
    • England
    • 20 June, 2006

    Hi, I discovered your site by accident on google and it is exactly what I have been searching for, for years. Thank you very much.


    • Tony Wood
    • Darlington, UK
    • 9 June, 2006

    Congratulations on a beautifully presented site! And thanks for the PIC stuff which I found especially helpful and easy to understand.


    • Niko
    • Finland
    • 1 June, 2006

    Absolute great site!

    I love your Micro-amp & A4 Power amp -designs. They are just way too cool.
    Thanks of inspiration to start building my own LM4780-amplifier. I pass the link when it's ready. :)
    Also your workshop is perfect.

    • Richard Yim
    • Hong Kong
    • 27 May, 2006


    Well presented and well updated projects! Excellent introductions with some insights for every reader!

    As a fan of ROGERS LS3/5As, I feel particularly thankful for your efforts. THANKS indeed!

    Kind regards,

    • Dennis Baldwin
    • East Grinstead West Sussex
    • 17 May, 2006

    Hi Mark.

    You have a very interesting and informative web site.

    I found it as I was looking at LS3/5As on Ebay. I became interested in them after listening to my father-in-law's and him telling me about them and the history of the BBC's monitors speakers. He has a vast knowledge as he is the original “Golden Ears” a name he was given very early on in his thirty year plus career in the BBC.


    • Salim H.K
    • Oman
    • 17 May, 2006

    I highly appreicate your Contribution to free learning, please keep it up.

    • Mike
    • Australia
    • 6 May, 2006

    Hi Mark,

    I think your site is really great!

    I found this site when i was looking for information on pics, and liked the site so much i read nearly everything else too! I think the pic pages are very well done, although i cant wait until you finish the applications part.

    Good Luck


    • Alex
    • Russia, Rostov
    • 10 April, 2006

    Good project A4 power amp, good luck in new projects!

    • Jonathan Roozing
    • Veenendaal, The Netherlands
    • 7 April, 2006

    Hi Mark,

    i'm reading your pic programming pages, very helpfull for a pic-noob like me. Thank u very much for your efforts.

    Kind regards, Jonathan Roozing

    • Kim
    • Waterloo, Canada
    • 30 March, 2006

    Well done!!!!!

    Keep up the good work.


    • Pradeep
    • India
    • 27 March, 2006

    Hi Mark!!

    Your works are nice!!:-) Your photographs of your home were outstanding!! I liked them!! Nice work, you're really creative!!

    I have a Lab too equipped with some good DSO's and soldering stations!!

    Your site was a good uplifter!! It had many basic fundamentals!!

    Can I know when the PIC setion will open up!!

    Have a nice day :-)

    Thanks and Regards,
    Design Engineer

    • Sergio
    • Italy
    • 24 March, 2006

    Hi, your site is class A SITE!!!

    I picked up many information to enjoi my A1 in full rate. Only one thing..... my A1 is 1990 edition with holes in the lateral shield but I have no prolem with the Alps pot. Anyway, I made an upgrade with a motorized alps pot and I added a circuit in order to change the volume with a remote control. The value of the pot is the same and naturally the sound too. I think that the pot on the reaction on the opa is a good solution, maybe not the optimum for the noise :-)). The capacitor are all changed but I have not eard sound improovment. It's true we start from a good start...

    SOMEONE CAN TELL ME IF IT IS DANGEROUS TO CONNECT 4 OHM SPEAKERS (dynaudio audience 52) ON THE A1??? It's a week I'm doing and it seems works good... but a long term???? Thanking in advance.


    • Steve Brown
    • Flintshire Wales
    • 20 March, 2006

    Great site the best i have come across. The audax monitors look superb. A few years ago i entered a competion in HIFI CHOICE to design a speaker it was run in conjunction with CYRUS

    I designed a mini monitor made from birch ply and although
    i did not win I was invited down to cyrus for a tour of the
    factory.Sadly I could not go as i was on holiday.

    Mark how about a revamped jpw mini monitor?


    • Francisco Javier Olvera
    • Puebla, Mexico
    • 16 March, 2006

    Great site! Your Pic tutorial is one of the best explained tutorial I have seen. I am waiting for your applications future section...


    • Derek Rogers
    • London
    • 16 March, 2006

    Hi just a quick comment! It`s 3.25 am and my daughter sent the link to your site.

    I am one of the two sons of Jim Rogers who created the first Beeb loudspeakers and went on to produce his own Jr149`s and many others!

    Just skimmed through quickly but I shall return!

    Are a fan of dad`s amplifiers as well?


    Derek Rogers

    • Darrin
    • Australia
    • 11 March, 2006

    Your site is first-class, as is your design and workmanship, i am totally in awe of your talent.


    • Roland Doucette
    • Gilbert, AZ
    • 11 March, 2006

    I too share your joy of the ultimate sounding and greatest engineered speakers ever owned. I purchased a pair of RSL Studio Monitors from their store in Conoga Park Ca. in the early 80s. The speakers were assembled right in the back of the store. I was sooo impressed when the sales person gave me a tour.

    Anyways, they could be turned up VERY LOUD (like I did on occasions) and they NEVER failed me. The speakers had just recently been unplugged and put in storage, until I figured how to configure them into my garage. BUT alas my wife put them out for a garage sale and asked a whopping 5.00 for them and they were sold....I still cry at night

    • David Payne
    • Clanfield Oxfordshire
    • 20 February, 2006

    I very much enjoyed reading the info on Rogers speakers. I have used a pair of what I think were Ravensbrook bookshelf speakers I bought in 1970 until a few weeks ago when one of the base drivers "went". So a decided to replace them. These had 8 inch base drivers and twin tweeters as way back then if a loudspeaker enclosure had three or more drivers in it was purchase tax free(this loophole did not last long.) They are now retired to our spare room but I can't keep them there too long. If you know anybody who would like them as spares drop me an email. Somewhere I may also have a Ravensbrook amp with one switch button missing probably swallowed by a hungry daughter so beware!

    Cheers David Payne

    • Scott James Bartlett
    • Oxford, UK
    • 22 February, 2006

    Hi Mark,
    I recentley joined a copmuter firm in the workshop. As you can imagine lots of nice toys to play with. Anyway. I had never built or soldered amnything and decided to have ago. 1 year many velleman kits later, I wanted to build an amp for my PC. I used 2 LM3876 IC's from the overture series and it worked first time. Yippee!! The sound impressed as well. I did this without any online info and since looking at the "gainclone" sites I made a very sloppy job <including a very dodgy headphone socket circuit using a relay with 8ohm 50watt power resisters as a dummy load>. So I'm going to try again.
    Your site is the best I've seen and would like to thank you for taking the time to help others.
    I'm thinking of using 2 LM4780's for a power amp, what say you? <remember I'm just a fledgling>

    • Lee
    • Kent
    • 21 February, 2006

    Just been browsing for info on insulating workshop floor and found your site. brilliant ideas and photo's more informative than some books. i will be back for more tips in the future, keep up the good work. Lee

    • Mike Restall
    • South London
    • 17 February, 2006

    Thanks for the tip on turning the cabinet over to test for a sagging bass driver.

    I found a pair of LS7t's abandoned on the street yesterday.

    Dragged them home full of hope only to find one of them popping and clicking away when I hooked them up.
    Dishearted I began to trawl the net for any sign of a replacement. You can guess the rest.....

    Thanks again. They sound lovely!

    • Gunther
    • Belgium
    • 8 February, 2006

    Nice things you have over there, I really want to be able to build those myself too, robably within 10 years or something like that ;). I've also noticed your new family member, cool, he is born on the same day as I am :p

    • Lars Willeboordse
    • The Netherlands
    • 6 February, 2006

    Just wanna congralute you and your wife with your new baby boy.!! he looks gorgeous:)

    Thanks for the site also because i use it all the time as a reference for my own projects

    Kind greetings Lars Willeboordse

    p.s. i would love to see pic-section expand;)

    • Pedro Martins
    • Portugal
    • 3 February, 2006


    You have now a kid to care! I have mine on the way!... Next June he will be with us! That makes more two audio/electronics fanatics!


    • D. Luijten
    • Den Haag, Netherlands
    • 7 January, 2006

    Hi, I found your site a while ago already and am planning to revise my A1-X the same way. Thnx for the tips and instructions.

    and Byron: try the Eagle PCB design software. It is free and is working quite well. I use it at my university too.


    • Byron
    • South Africa
    • 3 January, 2006

    Hi Mark!

    I thought I'd let you know that I've found your pre-amp project supremely inspiring. I stumbled on your site while trawling for ideas on how to design a multi-channel pre-amp and suffice it to say your use of a PIC Microcontroller and digital peripherals has given me a good idea of where to go. My biggest issue is practical and easy to use PCB software. There are so many offerings, but none of them seem to be ideally suited to the DIY user.

    Anyway, thanks for posting your experiences and keep it up!