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Guestbook entries from 2005 (51)

    • Pravardhan
    • Bangalore, India
    • 25 December, 2005

    Well, I liked ur home page & ur works are clean & neat. I read ur articles & they are very good!


    • Alfredo Gaggero
    • Uruguay
    • 22 December, 2005

    Really a fine place ,with a handful of information about pics and other stuff. Well done folk!

    • Simon Jones
    • London
    • 19 December, 2005

    Lovely site! Came here on a search for "dual tracking bench psu" and ended up browsing for ages! I'm just reviving my long dormant electronics hobby and obviously a decent PSU is the first thing I need... I'll probably nick some of your ideas if yoy don't mind.

    Got lucky with a scope... found a Tek 465B on the street next to some rubbish bins. After letting it dry out from the rain and reseating some of the socketed transistors in the timebase section it seems to work fine!

    Love the Audax monitors, they really do look gorgeous.


    • joao cardoso
    • Portugal
    • 14 December, 2005

    Looking for PIC chips i found your site. It is a great site with a lot of good explanations.

    • Peter Mulholland
    • Norwich, UK
    • 13 December, 2005

    Good to see you're finally settled in your new place. Having moved twice fairly recently I know what hell it is. I'm glad you made it through OK.

    Looking forward to some new stuff to read about from you soon :)

    • Stew
    • Alberta, Canada
    • 7 December, 2005

    Well, I've lurked onto your pages before, and have seen your handiwork as well as others, via

    I must say that my DIY efforts pale by comparison, but at least we have the same taste in books (Is that Horowitz and Hill on your bookcase?). Nicely constructed, without a bunch of "audiophile" type discussion. I could be classified as an "audiophile", but there is SO much pretension built into that label. I've been a proponent of good doesn't = expensive (all the time). There are some true bargains out there if one wants to have fun and enjoy music rather than equipment.

    I find that simplicity in design and execution is what we should all strive for (the "Zen" thing if you will). Might I add a minor criticism? An extended listening impression or conclusions area would be nice and of course comments of use with different loudspeaker types if possible. Nice page, and very straight forward without any "flash", again good basic design. Thank you for your contribution to truly good content on the Internet, and specifically the clarity of language and the restricted use of "flowery" language. :-)


    • Kris Dissanayake
    • Sri-Lanka
    • 2 December, 2005

    easy now! superb design. specialy well organized!!

    i'm curretly learning pic programming!
    thinking of making digital controled sound processors for uk market! ST ics will be used! i hope i could reach my goal one day!

    keep up with your works mate!

    • Matt Meyer
    • Los Angeles
    • 26 November, 2005

    So I purchased a set of Rogers Studio1's back in 1988 w.o realizing what I had. I've loved them.

    But now, with all the new technology and wonderful speakers out there, I am thinking of upgrading my home theatre. The question for you folks is -- would you replace the Rogers (No, I am NOT selling them!) and if so, with what?


    • Naresh
    • India
    • 22 November, 2005

    About your website -Inspiring and Innovative !

    • James Power
    • Ireland
    • 4 November, 2005

    Well done.
    A very well put togeather site good simple information about a subject which can be very complex.
    Look forward to useing the site in future.

    • Todd J
    • Vancouver, Canada
    • 25 October, 2005

    Great DIY information. Very insightful and informative. Thanks a million!

    • Vikash
    • Dunstable
    • 14 October, 2005

    Ello mate, just checking in to see what you've been up to recently. I was quite proud of my P2P LM3886 till I saw your LM4870. Grrr. ;)

    As always, I'm leaving inspired...

    • Alex
    • 13 October, 2005

    Good site, very nice project pre amp.

    • Helen Holt
    • Surrey, England
    • 9 October, 2005

    Excellent site. Been looking on Ebay for speakers to replace my existing ones, and had been getting very frustrated with trying to find reviews of some of them. Been thinking of trying to get some Rogers speakers for a while..great to find such useful info. At present am using some prototype Tannoy speakers (dont think they actually went into production) with my homemade (not by me!) triode amp and currently using the phono stage of a Marantz midst of building a tube one myself.

    • Dave
    • Argyll
    • 8 October, 2005

    Your garage conversion project has given me great ideas for mine - and enthusiasm too! Many thanks.

    • Steve
    • England
    • 4 October, 2005

    This is a good site best I have seen. I know jack about the PIC but it is helping and going in, in dribs and drabs.



    • Gilbert W K Lau
    • Hong Kong
    • 2 October, 2005

    Dear Mark,

    Thanks for the articles, the site. I really learn a lot from here. I also have a MF A200 Signature, which was my first Amplifier back to more than 18 years. I still keep it as one of my collection as an invaluable item. I keep it clean & tidy as a respect it this fine product. It is my good company ever.

    I appreciated your view in article regarding ATC20SL, because I am going to buy this product from Audiogon. & I hope I will keep it after 8years of time, like your good friend Richard. Changing Hi Fi gear or you may say "Buying & selling Hi Fi products" is my ONLY hobby. I should say searching for SOUND EXCELLANCE is not a simple game. You need to make a lot physical test by serious audition for all of them, before you can make fair & honest comments.

    I did not have knowledge about ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING, like you. So I try them physically to have the test result by hearing & trying different combination of different items to look for sound quality improvements.

    I really appreciated your effort in making this site for those guys they love or like Hi Fi. Without your effort, we will not for sure have such a good view about those items.

    Looking forward to having more article from your end. Thanks a lot.

    Warmest Regards

    Gilbert Lau

    • Richard Senn
    • London, UK
    • 28 September, 2005

    Excellent site, very informative, superb info that doesn't exist elsewhere.
    Keep up the good work.

    • greg mitchell
    • Surrey
    • 12 September, 2005

    Great site Mark,

    Just revisited the world of Musical Fidelity with the A100 amp. I used to have an A1 back in the 80's and had forgotten how good they were and still are!. So far my LP12/Lingo/Ekos/Arkiv and my Roksan Xerxes/SME V/AT-OC9 have had me smiling, both running through A100's phono stage which, imho, puts many outboard phono stages to shame, I kid ye not!

    Just got the nerve up to open her up and low and behold half a tonne of dust (glad I did read through your site otherwise would not have known about heat sink compound!!)

    Now looks as good as new and thankfully both fans are spinning freely without dodgy bearing noise - yes the fans are going to make a noise but so what? turn the amp up a notch and just forget it.......before you know it its 7.00am, break a couple of eggs and some bacon on the heat sink and keep on smiling.

    • Alan Parekh
    • Canada
    • 11 September, 2005

    Nice projects, I like the battery monitor...


    • Jan Rasmussen
    • Denmark
    • 29 August, 2005

    Nice page Mark.
    Like the layout and content :)


    • Brett
    • Brisbane, Australia
    • 27 August, 2005

    I love the work you have done.

    I am 13 and always looking for somthing new to do i save the projects into word so i could print them out a school.

    keep up the great work


    • Tony
    • Crawley, Sussex
    • 25 August, 2005

    I have been into hifi since is was 13 and have gone through numerous setup including a thorens michell hydro referance rotel, and a & r amps to cd players os various dubious quality but because vinyl became hard to get Doh! ??

    so one day im looking in a dodgy seconhand shop window and saw a pair of rogers studio ones on rogers stands these were the stuff of dreams when i was 17-22 so parting with 125 quid i took them home polished out the scratches goodbye mordaunt short ms25i pearls wow i had a pair of sony apm22es which klled everthing around but these ageing rockers blew them away the control was unbelivable ive now gone full circle managed to get a vellerman 4040 4 kt88 driven valve amp 45 wpc pure class a reengineered by an old GEC chap who built it this is fed by a denon 1905 for just the main left and right its a digital 7.1 job but very good a nakamichi av10 bridged powers a wharfdale 12" sub

    the pride and joy is a systemdek ii ex with a linn basik and goldring gx1012 which i prised out of a sellers hand for 150 quid when i was a teenager this lot would have cost a years salary now i can fully apprecaite the quality of sound that went into vinyl. the rogers are too clinical for ordinary CD the amp does soften sound a little but produces around 40 amps thats a lot of punch watts dont matter with valves. DVD audio and SACD are ok but vinyl is king rogers deserve vinyl and valves

    • Boris
    • 1 August, 2005

    You are the best...

    I did it...New A1...with separated PSU, loudspeaker protection, Alps, WBT, Cardas, good capacitors...

    Fantastic smooth sound, a lot of temperature and that's it...

    Best regards and all the best

    Thank you for all your support


    • Michel BOIMARE
    • France
    • 23 July, 2005

    Thank you for this pretty job and explanations (as usual !).
    I just received two LM4780 samples from NS. I know how I will do now !

    • Tim Gasser
    • Oxford, England
    • 13 July, 2005

    Excellent website ! There are some great projects on here.

    • Peter Garmidolov
    • Bulgaria
    • 15 June, 2005

    Excellent learning materials for PIC programming for a beginner like me.

    • Justin Stapleton
    • Bedford, England
    • 13 June, 2005

    Great site. Just bought an A1 for £49. It has noisy volume and selector pots. Seems a common problem. Having been engrossed in your site for the last 30 mins I mat well bone up on electronics !!!

    • Nick
    • Bedfordshire-England
    • 1 June, 2005

    Excellent site-thanks

    • Morten
    • Sorø, Denmark
    • 25 May, 2005

    Great site. Very informative. I read and learn a lot about programing the PIC16F84

    I hobe you vill make more pages.

    God side. Meget informativ. Jeg har læst og lært meget om programering af PIC16F84

    Great work and keep it up.
    Cheers, Morten.

    • Bernard
    • California, USA
    • 17 May, 2005

    Great site. Very informative. I just acquired a pair of Rogers LS6 and I am blown away by them. I am using them as monitors for my home studio. They seem to be extremely true and it is amazing how much bottom you get from these, they are light in weight. The black cylinder that fits into the bass port had come loose. I put them back in place. The side that is in the speaker I put the cut away side face up. I think that is right. Do you know for sure? Thanks. Keep up the great work. Bernard

    • Michael Perini
    • Bucks County, Pennsylvania USA (near Philadelphia)
    • 9 May, 2005

    Love the site, You obviously put a great deal of work into it, Thank You.

    I am a retired financial services exec. who has the luxury of developing just enough knowledge to be dangerous in a number of topics. My son David is a recording engineer and producer who is begining to develop some substantial credits (Maria Cary, Luthor Vandros, Pat Metheny, original cast album Hairspray). He worked for several years at one of New York's largest recording studios-Right Track Recording where he had access to the finest equipment, - their newest 5.1 control room had Soffet mounted Genelec mains that cost over $250k US. So when he went out on his own he had golden ears with an aluninum budget. Therefore he setteled on the obligatory Yamaha ns10's for nearfields Tannoy 12" Dual Concentrics for mids.

    On a lark one day I pulled out my 20 year old Rogers Studio 1's -- and everyone was BLOWN AWAY . He used them for several months ( always at reasonable levels) and one day one speaker was dead. No sound at all. We've been looking in vain for a repair facility who knew the speakers to no avail. Afraid to trust them to somone who might repair them but change their voice.

    So they've been idle for a year. The NS 10's have been replaced /augmented by a new pair of Genelec 8050's at $2000 US each. They are spectacular nearfields but a bit clinical (as they should be) when compared to our memory of the Rogers. It seems to us the combination of the Rogers & Genelecs would yield Spectacular Mixes.

    • Goran Poprzen
    • Calgary, Canada (close to North Pole :)
    • 22 April, 2005

    Hi, Mark
    I found your site very informative. Lots of good links, too. Well, we bought a house two months ago and right now I'm in the process of planning how to setup my little electronic hobby workshop in the basement. If you don't mind, I would like to use some ideas from your DIY/workshop pages.


    • John Boyles
    • Oxford, England
    • 15 April, 2005

    bought rogers ravensbourne when it appeared,it was a very good amp in its day. the variable slope filter was very useful for taking out background hiss on vinyl and would still be useful on amplifiers today i remember it worked very well with celestion ditton 15's a good alternative to rogers speakers are the older spendors(bc1) or harbeths all built to bbc specifications

    • Robert
    • Melbourne, Australia
    • 7 April, 2005

    Hi Mark,

    I have only recently become aware of your website after acquiring a pair of Musical Fidelity ma50's. One of which needs a mains transformer replaced. I am told by the local repair people (recommended by the distributors here for Mus.Fidelity products) that they cannot trace one here. They have also said that they are trying the UK but don't know whether they can source one there either. I have'nt even got to listen to them at home yet!! I wonder if you have come across this before? I imagine I could have an external transformer fitted to each if it goes that way with the supply of these parts.

    But back to your fine efforts as a web host! This is a very impressive site with more information on the featured items that the manufacturers would ever include or be bothered to tell us. Your passion is evident in bundles.

    Great work and keep it up.

    • Stewart Emmings
    • England
    • 5 April, 2005

    Hi There;

    Most informative - as an owner of 2 original pairs of LS 5/8 loudspeakers with AM 8/16 amplifiers I learned much of some of the problems I myself am experiencing with the units as they age although it has to be said my main pair function perfectly. Many thanks for the detail on the Quad 405's!

    • Paul Toye
    • Brighton, UK
    • 1 April, 2005

    Hi Mark, I've found your site very informative, especially the Rogers section. I have run a pair of LS7t's for years with an Audiolab CD & Cyrus Amp/PSX and think they are just brilliant. I recently went "AV", bought a monster Rotel processor/amp and have considered changing the speakers for a surround package. Everything I've heard so far is simply nasty (PMC, KEF, etc), hence I'm trying to find a centre speaker that has a similar tonal balance to the good old LS7t's. Has anyone contacted you with any possible suggestions (except for another LS7t as I don't want that big bass driver magnet anywhere near the TV screen!). Many thanks for the good reading, Paul

    • T.Q.Choudhury
    • Dhaka, Bangladesh
    • 1 April, 2005

    Dear Mark,
    At the risk of looking overjoyed, this is one of THE BEST site I have seen. Logical and very informative.
    A beginner that I am, I am still groping at the File adressess. To be precise suppose that I want to declare any variable say Count, is it only the GP registers that I can use? i.e Count equ 0Ch, or 0Dh etc. In some places I have seen declaration like: Count equ 08h.
    Perhaps you couls add a few para on variable declaration to make your tutorial more complete

    • Jonathan Darker
    • South Africa
    • 12 March, 2005

    What a supprise!!! Nice treat....

    I am looking for reviews on Musical Fidelity "The Preamp" , "Typhoon Power amp" and "Tempest Integrated Amp" as well as the MF CD2 review and specs... I am the proud owner of all of these products but never recieved any manuals as i bought the components 2nd hand...

    • Tomy
    • Indonesia
    • 3 March, 2005

    Good Site

    • Dave
    • U.S.
    • 3 March, 2005

    Mark, you have put together an excellent tutorial on PIC micros. I have downloaded the suggested applications and intend to build the programmer from the schematic you featured. I am also interested in interrupts as another reader is, and also A to D conversion.

    • Paul MacLeod
    • Bristol, UK
    • 28 February, 2005

    Fantastic. I learnt more over my lunch break than I did all weekend. Just one thing, 'Interrupts'.
    Ah, well. I'll just have to keep searching.

    Thanks very much,


    • Burhan ISIK
    • Turkey/Istanbul
    • 14 February, 2005

    Dear Mark;
    Thank you for the lots of valuable informations about PIC programming. I have found it excellent for the beginners of PIC programming. I am looking forward to seeing the completed part of APPLICATIONS SECTION. I would like to do more than LED switching.!

    Thanks again.

    • eric wardle
    • Woking
    • 11 February, 2005

    I have just unwrapped one of a pair of rogers bbc monitors (export) that have been stored in my wardrobe for 20 years !!

    The pair were bought from new around 1972 from chew and osbourne in essex.

    Using a CD test disk with Cyrus Quattro + Cyrus Q power amp (50watts) revealed a good base, mid range a bit scratchy, and super treble fine.

    After around half an hours run, things improved and it sounded very respectable- and that's running just one speaker

    I am so impressed that I am contemplating tidying them both up (internal wiring very thin, outlet sockets replace with proper screw terminals ) providing the wife can be persauded to have them back in the lounge (luckily they are in good shape, teak with a black/gold material on the front).

    thanks for the potted history of the rogers.

    Eric Wardle

    • andy patel
    • UK
    • 3 February, 2005

    Stumbled on your website by accident. Great Rogers section. The info on your website is clear, concise, without padding !

    I have been using Rogers and Quad from the begining (Cadet 3 and Ravensbourne amps, though feel sorry to have disposed of them then. Quad 33/303 and 34/306 still in use today). Always had Rogers speakers from the begining because of their sound. Wonder if anyone remembers their Wafer speakers. Have been using Studio 1a for the last 12ish years, without any problems, apart from cabinet re-finishing with teak oil. They sound best standing on bags of sand (aesthetically concealed of course) in fact any 'dead' ganular material like bags of salt used in water-softner, or 10 KG bags of grain etc.

    • Rusty
    • UK
    • 27 January, 2005

    Excellent site. Keep working on the applications I need all the help I can get!

    • Rob Heijnen
    • Netherlands
    • 26 January, 2005

    At last i found some information about my loudspeakers, and i like your site very much.
    Please go on with your site, i will meet this site a lot more now i know it. And i will put it to my favorits.
    Thanks Mark, regards Rob

    • jean claude fourriere
    • France
    • 23 January, 2005

    HI !

    I just read about ROGERS on Internet I was the french importer of ROGERS products from 1973 to 1978 or 79, I don't remenber exactly, with the company I create for this products, VALOIS DISTRIBUTION !< /br>Th "Revue du Son" gave very good tests about LS3/5 and Rogers BBC MOnitor at this time. I made also DECCA inclosures with there ribbon tweeter, and also an home made audio reference. My company stopped in 1986, and I restart in 1988, by building large cold plasma speaker called Tolteque AHL, and electrostatic game with the same name.At this time, I try to sell improvement about electrostatic loudspeaker for efficiency, bandwith,reliability, in USA. Thank you again for the interest about ROGERS. Jim Rogers was a good man, and I like his large ribbon midrange/tweeter he made at home
    Yours sincerely


    • Ken Owens
    • Addlestone in Surrey UK
    • 21 January, 2005

    Brilliant site Mark, can't wait get hold of an A1 to mess about with. Using a couple of home built EL34 PP monoblocks at the present time. I have quite a lot of Sony gear as I used to work there as a bench audio engineer (we could get it cheap graded stock). Surprised you did not like the DTC1000 Dat machine, we used to get a lot of these in for service from professional studios like EMI. I use a much later machine and I think it is great. Also have the 510 minidisc which is awful, the transport problems were caused by the microswitches which used to go O/C. Thanks for a really good read, about the best I have seen. I will keep returning to see any updates, I find it hard to believe that the Gainclone can be that good, we used to use a lot of the LM O/P i/c's in the cheaper Sony gear, but I suppose don't knock it until you have heard it !!!

    • Paul
    • Clacton on-sea, Essex
    • 16 January, 2005

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for doing the site on ROGER SPEAKERS, it's been a joy reading about all the different models there were i did not know there were so many that they had made.I once had a pair of LS4a/2 speakers and i loved the sound of these (my dad owned them but passed away some years back so that's how i got hold of them), any way after some time of using them my dear young son decided to blow them up for me this caused the main drivers to give up "i have still got the tweeters, and crossover in my garage stored up as spares". I have been looking everywere for these speakers eg:hi-fi mag's, internet etc,etc there was one time i saw these speakers for sale that was in a hi-fi mag i think they were going for £70 somewere in london but i lost the sale on them. Well i shall keep looking for them or the next model up from the LS4a/2 (not sure which model that is), i now have a pair of MONITOR AUDIO silver 5i these sound nowhere near as good as the LS speakers. Well thanks for reading this email and keep up the good work,
    yours sincerely
    p clarke

    • O.W. Gilmore
    • Ottawa, Canada
    • 6 January, 2005

    This winter, I decided to learn about PICs and in particular the programming of same. Your site has been the best one yet to get a feel for PIC Programming. I am book marking your site with the intent to visit it on a regular basis for further Programming lessons. If you do add more on the PIC, I would be interested in "interupt operations".
    Keep up the good work!