Welcome to my guestbook, where you can see what previous visitors think about this site and my projects and articles. Many thanks to everyone who has left messages - your feedback really is appreciated!

Guestbook entries from 2004 (32)

    • Sheraz
    • Pakistan
    • 28 December, 2004

    I like the site it is good for people who are just starting and exciting enough to rouse up the lazy electronic hobbiests.

    • Sean Pan
    • TAIWAN
    • 27 December, 2004

    Nice job, well done...

    • Gen
    • Australia
    • 21 December, 2004

    Great site Mark, it great to see someone so passionate about speakers. I have just bought a pair of secondhand Studio Ones off my sisters new Husband and they sound fantastic with my Marantz SR6200, but I do find that they are lacking in the midrange when it comes to electronic music such as the Chemical Brothers.


    • Caloy
    • Philippines
    • 7 December, 2004

    Hi Mark! The layout of your site is more organized, but I have to tell you that I was rather sad to see the old site go. I don't know, I just liked the "vintage" feel of the old site.

    Anyway, I'm glad to see you added some additional info on the speakers.

    Good luck!

    • Philip Barsalou
    • Canada
    • 7 December, 2004

    I very much enjoy your site, your designs are very clean. Your preamp is my favorite. Keep up the superior site and work.


    • Dick Cappels
    • Mesa, Arizona
    • 29 November, 2004

    Its really nice to see DIY analog projects on the web. I enjoyed looking over yours.

    Dick Cappels

    • Frans Heuvingh
    • Amstelveen (near Amsterdam) Holland
    • 17 November, 2004

    Although U dont know it yet, your helping a 80 year old radioham (PA0LIZ) on the subject of PIC programming.

    • Winz
    • Thailand
    • 13 November, 2004

    .....I just want to known how to design a pre amp circuit....

    • Claus Wahl
    • Norway
    • 6 November, 2004

    Nice web design, Mark.

    I also admire your well organized work on the preamp - the technical solutions are in many ways equal to mine, but I feel you have allocated much more time to the project than I have. May I steal some of your I/O filters?

    Have been using 8mm character LCD on the prototype and it is just not legible in all lighting conditions. Next approach will probably be a new graphics color LCD (just for the fun of it).

    Keep up the good work!

    • Ant
    • South Africa
    • 30 October, 2004

    Hi Mark
    I've been looking for good, solid intro stuff on 16f84's for a loooong time now - I've only just started reading your info, and it seems to be exactly what I'm looking for, so I'm writing this before I even read further to thank you!
    Good stuff

    • Mark Mathewson
    • England
    • 24 October, 2004

    Nice one! I've found the sections on the pre-amp especially useful. I have a set of Hauppauge MVPs; the main one sits under the telly in the lounge serving audio and video from my Linux fileserver / DVB-T card setup in the garage.

    I've just set up an AVR-controlled LCD interfaced serially to the MVP so I can select and play audio without having to turn on the telly. But I use an old NAD3130 amp (modified with a couple of extra channels for surround) which has no remote.

    I'm not bothered about source selection, but I do need remote volume control. The MVP is rubbish in that respect - about 20dB steps it seems (!) so I want to extend the AVR LCD interface to also control analogue 4 channel audio and use it for both MVP sourced stuff and all the rest by sticking it in the pre-out power-in loop on the NAD.

    Your pre-amp project has given me exactly the analogue volume control pointers I need. Many thanks for that.

    And if you ever get around to the Monoblocks.... I could really do with some more power egor <g> for my MS914s - they're fairly efficient but need tight bass control as although they go low, they have a tendency to waffle. Bi-amping is very much on the cards.

    Anyway - sorry for the long-winded drivel, but appreciate the site. Keep it going!

    • Martin
    • Bromsgrove, Worcs
    • 19 October, 2004

    I bought my A1 back in 1988 and have used it constantly up to last year when I finally replaced it (with an Arcam).

    Because I still love it so much I couldn't bare to sell it and as it still works perfectly I've put it back in its orignal box and even found a pristine brochure and the orignial invoice of £279 that I paid back then...

    • Marcus Ackel
    • Internet
    • 12 October, 2004

    I love this amps (owner of 3) and i love this site
    and Mark is a very nice guy (expert).

    Greez Marcus

    • Sung
    • New Zealand
    • 11 October, 2004

    Excellent redecoration with richer info!! Well done, mate!

    • George Nogalo
    • Canada
    • 2 October, 2004

    Just got on...I am sure I will learn lots!

    • Damien
    • Cornwall UK
    • 24 September, 2004

    nice site n usefull piccys.. tavery much i am looking at upgrading my epos es11's to scm20's n you have helped make my mind up! ta.

    • Manuel Luis D. Dionio
    • Philippines
    • 21 September, 2004

    It is a highly informative site. Thanks a lot.

    • Nick Whitehead
    • Beds-UK
    • 12 September, 2004

    Excellent site, very easy on the eye.
    Great job!

    • Peter Mulholland
    • Norwich, UK
    • 9 September, 2004

    Excellent site, even better now it's redesigned. I like the new clean scheme!

    I eventually plan to incorporate some of your preamp ideas into my home brewed integrated amplifier, specifically the PGA2310 control. It will be controlled by an Atmel AVR though as I hate the PIC's lousy programming style.

    I saw you are moving again, it must be horrible to part with that lovely workshop! I'm still trying to convince my girlfriend to let me have a large shed to use :)

    • Pete Greenwood
    • Darkest Dorset
    • 29 August, 2004

    Hi Mark,
    Absolutely top site !!! - astoundingly good workshop conversion stuff !!... your pages have provided a great deal of the ideas and inspiration for a similar project which I am currently undertaking. Good luck with house (and workshop ?) #2 !!!

    • David Burt
    • Wilmington, Delaware USA
    • 24 August, 2004

    Mark, I was fishing around for info on a pair of small Rogers speakers, and ran across your AMAZING page. I haven't had time to scour it for what I really need, but reading your description of the Rogers LS-2/X blew me away. Clearly there will be more here than I could ever comprehend -- a GOOD thing.

    I am a bit of a dilettante in the world of tube electronics, with all manner of accumulated stuff lying about, mostly ancient things that now represent the bottom of the high end: McIntosh MC40 monoblocks (my favorites by far, especially with the GEC KT66s), a pair of MC60s (ballsy but also very glassy -- don't like 'em), a custom stereo thing made by a guy in California who is a real artiste (SORT of a MC-240 knockoff, not really) and a few low-end tube preamps.

    • Richard Game
    • Orlando, FL USA
    • 24 August, 2004


    Excellent site!!! Very interesting.
    I found it by searching google for 'ATC SCM20' - I have just bought a used pair of the active ones and I am very impressed. Unfortunatly I cannot crank them up as i am in an apartment until november when our house is finsihed.



    • Helen
    • UK, Plymouth
    • 23 August, 2004

    Hi Mark

    I too am a Rogers fan and have a much loved pair of Studio 1 speakers, it's nice to see other visitors here with these speakers, they are rare on the second hand market so it must mean that when we have them we keep them. Sadly I loaned the proper stands to my brother (who lives 300 miles away) and am committing the cardinal sin of using a pair of Rogers Ls4a speakers as stands for the Studio 1's. Looks bloody nice though, elegant black column with the Studio 1's running nude without their grills.

    Regards and best wishes to you, Helen

    • Rick
    • USA
    • 22 August, 2004

    I like your site:
    I need a copy of a Telequiptment D67 Oscilloscope manual. I hope some of your visitors to this site can help me find what i need. Keep up the good work. Regards, Rick...

    • Eric Penot
    • France
    • 10 May, 2004

    Hi Mark,

    Very good site. Very good informations. I have used a CS3310 and plan to use the PGA2310 in a new design...



    • Ayn Marx
    • Australia
    • 16 April, 2004

    Extraordinarily interesting and eccentric site. Came looking for information on Rogers LS3/5A's but hung around and read most of it.

    Site loads & reads faultlessly on Safari for Mac OS X.2.8 & OS X 3.2.3

    • Steve West
    • New Zealand
    • 1 April, 2004

    Great Site Mark,
    Im getting ready to convert one of the bedrooms in my house into a workshop, Your one has inspired some good ideas thanks :)

    • Paul Fredrik
    • Arnhem, The Netherlands
    • 20 March, 2004

    Great site Mark!!!

    Much nice pictures, very interesting projects and easy written!! Discovered my attraction for the quad 405 again too!

    • Chris Homer
    • Eastbourne, UK
    • 27 February, 2004

    Dear Mark

    Nice to see some Rogers stuff on the net. I bumped into your site a year ago, and have only just got round to revisiting it. As a teenager in 1983 I bought a pair of Studio 1s (still my main speakers in my lounge) and recently also inherited a pair of LS2s which my dad no longer wanted! Later as a professional in the computer games industry I set up two studios, one for Philips where I bought LS5/9s and then for a company called Millennium in Cambridge (later bought out by Sony) where I bought LS7Ts. It's a great shame they aren't still around. I went to the Swisstone factory in Mitcham many times, and always received fantastic service. One day I will have the money to demote the Studio 1s to my second pair of speakers, but I've kind of got use to them now ...

    • Maarten van Casteren
    • Cambridge, UK, although I'm Dutch
    • 30 January, 2004

    Nice site and a very nice page on the ATC SCM20's I just bought a pair second hand and I'm going to pick them up on Sunday. Can't wait! It is the old model, though, so not as nice as yours.

    I am a bit amazed that you are driving them with an A1. That must be the most unlikely amp for them, but if it works it's OK I guess. I just hope that my Electrocompaniet ECI 2 will be up to the job.

    Did you find out the values of those inductors in their cross-overs in the end?



    • Vladimir Konev
    • Belarus, Minsk
    • 29 January, 2004

    Hi, Mark!

    It is a very good site!
    A few monthes ago I made a 5-chanells power amplifier based on TDA7294. The results are good. Now i'm searching some matherials about digital volume control and etc.

    Your site is the best about this theme!

    • massimo
    • Italy
    • 18 January, 2004

    great site mate! good job, i'll be back soon!!!!!!!!!!