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Guestbook entries from 2003 (36)

    • Kelvin Chan
    • Hong Kong
    • 18 December, 2003

    Hi Mark,

    It's a really site and I learn a lot from it, keep up the good work.


    • Sándor Róka
    • Hungary
    • 22 August, 2003

    Hi Mark !!

    It's a very good site. Found when seeking manual for old scope, Telequipment DM63 !! Do you have any information about it, circuit diagram or something. I'm trying to revive it... You are an accurate person and you could have a lots of free time. :-) !
    Keep it up !
    Best regards

    • Mike Drew
    • UK
    • 30 October, 2003

    Hello Mark
    I stumbled across your website, whilst brousing the net (which I do infrequently) for information on Rogers speakers. I too own a pair of LS2a's, and use them as the main monitors in my music studio, together with a Musical Fidelity A1 amplifier. I find this combination very hard to beat, having heard set-ups in other studios. The sound is so natural, without any use of tone control, which is exactly what you need for this particular application.

    If it came to a choice between the speakers, or the wife, I think I'd be waving her goodbye!!!


    • John Taylor
    • UK, NW England
    • 21 October, 2003

    Yes, yes JLH good stuffs.
    Have built 75 watts stereo amp in 1976 and still going strong. This kit was originally bought from Powertran. Still prefers the sound from this rather than the 400 series 45 watts. What is good from 400, is the AM/FM tuner. One can tell the difference bandwidth/depth from different BBC relay stations throwing out the same programs and they say BBC is quality! Some of the independents have better fidelity and banwidths. Having only two stage Alps tuning heart (still remarkable however). I am going to try Larsholts 5008 Varicaps front end.
    Anyone else tried this?

    • Andrei Azzopardi
    • Malta
    • 16 October, 2003

    I'm out of words! Your site is excelent and very nicely explained. I'm still a beginner but I'm gaining knowledge for the time being (theory) so that to use it at full power when actually building circuits. I'm interested in the GainClone amplifier which would most probably be my first circuit. Since I am a senior computer developer, I would also like to try the PIC controllers.

    Thanks for a great site and keep up the good work!!!

    • Fred Pratt
    • Ravenstone Leicestershire UK
    • 8 October, 2003

    Hi Mark,

    This is my second e-mail reply, the first relating to PIC Micros.

    Haven't fully looked at all the content,however. am absolutely fascinated with this web site, excellent is an understatement.

    You are a man after my own heart, in that reading of your interests, and looking at your workshop, is like looking in a mirror. Your Parents must be very proud of their son!!

    Thanks again,
      (Lawrence F Pratt)

    NB How the hell do you ever get the time to do any work ?

    • steve depoix
    • Southampton
    • 26 September, 2003

    Yeah, site very good and easy to navigate around. Your collection of sound eqpt quite interesting and similar in a way to mine. I've gone for good quality older stuff too, Quad, Tannoys, Thorens/Sme, Revox A and B77's etc . Would tactfully suggest you try a more solid mount for the turntable and get it off the pine shelving...but it does look like you've had your hands full over the last two years doing the workshop and shed etc ! :-)

    Once again, great site

    Well done !

    • raffaele fontana
    • 22 August, 2003


    i'm looking for Rogers ls5/9 and if possible stand FOUNDATION Designer for ls5/9,ls3 and studio3. Can somebody help me?

    bst rgds

    • Jacques
    • SA ,Pretoria
    • 18 August, 2003

    Great site!

    I am currantly studying Eletronic Engeneering and found the site very helpfull with my assighnments.



    • Rob Cartwright
    • Wirral England
    • 10 August, 2003

    I am sitting here working and looking for battery monitoring equipment. Stumbled across your site and have been looking at it for over an hour!!!!

    Very good effort indeed!

    Very interesting but must go now and get some work done. (Yes it is Sunday morning, I am self employed so work is 24/7!)


    • Tomas Karlsson
    • Sweden
    • 1 August, 2003

    Thanks for your site. I love the preamp project and has got lots of ideas from your design. Keep up the good work.


    • Jerry
    • East Sussex
    • 16 June, 2003

    Hi Mark

    recently acquired a pair of Rogers LS7's speakers they dont seem well suited to my CD player or perhaps one of the speakers is damaged i dont know? the bass response doesnt sound that good on one channel. Cant get the cover off to check for damage. Sorry Im rambling any way great sight and thanks for info on Rogers speakers. Are rogers still in business if i need to get them repaired???

    Again thanks

    • James Hill
    • Bristol, UK
    • 15 June, 2003

    What a great site!

    Wish i had the time and ability to do something like this, Also you seem to actually finish your projects!

    Best Regards


    • Thepparit
    • Thailand
    • 7 June, 2003

    Hello Mark,

    It is really a good web for DIY audio information. :)


    • Maurice Oden
    • Australia
    • 25 May, 2003

    I am delighted to find a site that appears to know something about Rogers speakers.

    As the company has been taken over I cannot find information about the Studio1 model that I have and I would like to attempt to modify the existing crossover to make the speaker bi-wired. Would you be kind enough to advise me where I could find this info?

    I have looked at the circuit board,but without much electical knowledge and a circuit diagram, I have very little idea of how to proceed. I had thought of simply breaking the copper connections to the tweeter on the circuit board at the amp input and leading the tweeter connections out to 2 new terminals on the back of the cabinet. But which connections???? It is a puzzle!

    • Scott (SAWZALL)
    • Washington DC, USA
    • 16 May, 2003

    A rather sweet website... Will be quite interested if you take your preamp to the DIY market.

    • Francois
    • Venezuela
    • 14 May, 2003

    Good place..., your website is interesting... much success in your projects

    • Andries
    • Holland
    • 14 May, 2003

    I realy like your way of building the amp, and think i'll give it a try. I have a question however, would it be possible to use the gainclone as a guitar amplifier, and what kind of a preamp do i have to use,to lift-up the input sensitivity to about 20mv. Do you have a sugestion, or more usefull, a schematic ?

    You've build a real nice and simple to copy amp, and your website is really top of the tops ! ! !

    Best regards,

    • ShOoPoO
    • Canada
    • 13 May, 2003

    looks good:)

    • Matt Wenham - DoctorRad
    • UK
    • 6 May, 2003

    Hi Mark, Found your pages on a Gainclone search, some very nice stuff you have going on here.

    I think you might find Ben Duncan's writings on preamp design a bit of a eye opener. Try contacting Audio Synthesis for reprints of his AMP-01, AMP-02, PAS-01, PAS-02 and CD Player mods from Hifi News. I only have AMP-01 these days unfortunately, but most of the groundwork on how op-amp circuits behave in the real world is covered in this text. Suffice to say, for DIY projects, it really is worth avoiding spoiling the boat for a ha'ppeth of tar and going for better op-amps than 5532s. But as you point out, they may well be 'good enough', and they're cheap to replace when things go wrong.

    My current thoughts are leaning towards trying a Gainclone with a fully regulated supply. Naim have been doing it since the 70s, but thankfully, Moore's Law apparently applies to analogue chips as well as digital. You can now get stupidly cheap, stupidly good (value) chips to do pretty much anything. It's a New Golden Age, it really is.



    • Darren Latto
    • Arizona USA
    • 24 April, 2003

    Great personal web page. Cheers!

    • Stefano
    • Italy
    • 20 April, 2003

    A nice site for diy

    • John Alan Woods
    • 17 April, 2003


    • Mike Palmer
    • Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    • 14 April, 2003

    Now that my interest in something I contemplated years ago has been rekindled............... onward and upward !! I like your implementation, and it has given me a good head start as I journey toward creating my preamp......


    • Pete Ream
    • Notts UK
    • 14 April, 2003

    Hi Mark,
    Well i can only wish to aspire to your level of expertease. Great site and a superb work shop, hope my garage extention will take on a similar look (i doubt it) internally. Having had a blip with the old hi-fi diy and stuff going bang! this site gave me the lift i needed. Shame you dont live in my town..........

    • Colin Hepburn
    • 10 April, 2003

    Pages of interest: Diy and your approach to the Gainclone Amp

    • Paul M Thomas
    • UK
    • 6 April, 2003

    Hello Mark!

    This is a really good website!

    Just like you I have an accumulation of Hi-Fi around the house and have always had this interest for as long as I can remember.

    I have been a fan of the BBC sound for sometime so in my main system I have Spendor SP1/2 biamped with Audiolab 8000C ans 2 x 8000P. This sounds very natural and easy going. I found the internal wiring of the Spendors not that good so I replaced with new heavier wire soldered direct to the crossover and speaker unit tags.

    Upstairs I have (courtesy e-bay) Quad 33/303/FM2 ans Tannoy Mercury M2.5 speakers. The 33 I cleaner up the switches and squeezed the internal multiconnectors closer together to remove an intermittent fault. Next 303 capacitors changed (courtesy Avondale). Finaly for FM2 (a valve/transistor hybrid) a full service from onething audio and a new modern decoder fitted. This set gives a fantastic clean sound punchs but easy to listen too. I also heard more detail on CDs through it. I am not sure now which sytem is best - which proves all Hi-Fi is a compromise. I am still a big fan of the old Quad designs even if there is evidence of cost cutting in the components - you have to respect an amplifier if it is still sounding good at 30 years old! My only other prized Hi-Fi item is a 1/2 track Revox G36 valve tape recorder (serviced a few years ago with only minor component upgrades) which provides fantastic recordings of live broadcasts.

    Good listening


    • PJ
    • Sweden...
    • 29 March, 2003

    Great site...
    Really has given me inspiration to keep on building my own stuff...

    • John Bell
    • UK
    • 18 March, 2003

    Excellent site, a great read! You and I have a great deal in common. My company was based immediately next door to Rogers Loudspeakers for 18 years and we also developed and made the PCB's for the Musical Fidelity A1 and all MF amps from No 1 until 1990/91 when MF decided to have them all made in the far east! Yes, like much of the UK hifi industry, the guts of the amps (not the final assembly of course) are made in places with names I cannot pronounce!

    • Frank Mc Alinden
    • Aus...
    • 4 March, 2003

    Hi Mark,
              One of the guys on the UKHA Home automation list mentioned your site for some pic info so had to have a look...Just drooled looking at the workshop photos and although not an audio electronics type found the articles interesting...Looking forward to some more pic projects..
    keep up the good work

    • John Morcom
    • Canterbury, UK
    • 23 February, 2003

    I liked your site very much.

    I've also put together a PGA2310 based pre-amp (using 3 of these devices to give 5.1 surround controlled by PIC16F877 with optical encoder for volume and VFD display - a case of great minds think alike?) and have been very pleased with its sound quality.

    • James Curtis
    • New Zealand
    • 22 February, 2003

    Hi Mark,

    great to finally find a site with excellent information on Rogers speakers. Very hard to find now in NZ.

    I bought my pair of LS2a/2's 10 years ago and, with the exception of a pair of Proac Tablettes at 3 times the price, have heard nothing to match their unique, smooth sound.

    I lost the manuals for them a while back now during a move so thanks for posting them, great to re-read and have on file. Love the site!


    • Allan Kragelund
    • Denmark
    • 17 February, 2003

    Hi Mark, Impressive site you've got here, must have cost you a lot of time and effort! Found you while browsing the web for articles on the ATC SCM20SL. Very fine little speakers indeed, got a pair myself. Unbelievable clarity, perspective and dynamics! They were the first speakers to be found worthy of replacing my trusty old Quad ESL 63's. Give us some more impressions/data the ATC's when you find the time... Best regards/Allan

    • Andrew Thompson
    • Cambridge, UK
    • 5 February, 2003

    I was thinking of trying a PIC bassed pre amp a while ago, but I was put off slightly by all of the effort involved in knowing what to do and writting the code. But, after seeing what you have achieved here with your pre-amp I feel as though I should take another look at it. Just one thing though, how long have you been working on this for? Should I cancel my social life now, or will I survive?

    • Gary Morton
    • UK
    • 13 January, 2003

    Great looking site. Very impressed with your scope fix!

    • Lee Edmunds
    • Walsall, UK
    • 7 January, 2003


    What a site. I am in the early stages of converting my garage and I must say you have given me some food for thought. We're also partitioning down the middle with the warm part being a computer/play room for the kids (and me!)

    Great work - keep it up

    Lee Edmunds