Just to show you what bad taste we have, here are some pictures of our house. For various reasons, it took me a long time to decorate this house. The biggest problem was that I'd built a nice, comfortable workshop, and it was much easier to sit out there and play electronics!

This 1979 house was in generally good condition, but the previous owners were not exactly DIY experts! All of the walls appeared to have been painted with a broom! The brush-marks were appalling, and I had to buy an orbital power-sander to deal with this. All of the woodwork had been painted very poorly, and in most cases had to be rubbed back to the bare wood in order to get a decent finish.

As you can see from these floor plans, the layout of the house is very simple, making good use of the space. To give you an idea of scale, the lounge is around 15 feet across and 26 foot from front to back. Bedroom 1 is 13'5" by 8'8". Bedroom 2 is a comfortable double-room, indeed while decorating Bedroom 1, we lived in Bedroom 2 for a long time - roughly 18 months. That gives you an idea of the pace I work at!

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Floor plan - ground floor (5K)
Floor plan - first floor (7K)
Lounge/Diner Kitchen Main workshop Front half of workshop Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Landing